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Program maintenance and calibration of drying wet weight OHAUS MB45
12/23/2011 3:28:57 PM
Dear Customer!

Currently the process conditions used to harsh working environment, humid climate like dirt especially in the field of animal feed production. Environmental conditions have a direct impact to the laboratory equipment, analytical test equipment in the lab of causing damage and the measurement error on your device must be maintained and effective periodically according to standard criteria. So We provide repair service and maintenance of all kinds need a faster and more accurate to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Maintenance procedures and equipment calibration:

  - Cleaning of equipment:
      + Inspection and cleaning electronic circuit boards, pressure sensor, keyboard, screen ...
      + Inspection and cleaning the heat source, temperature sensor, ...

- Calibration of equipment with equipment calibrated according to manufacturer's standards:
      + Calibration mass
      + Calibration temperature.

Also: KIMTECO company can provide services for maintenance and repair of laboratory equipment and other analytical equipment. We hope to cooperate with the fastest service and best to our customers.

For further information please contact:
Technical Department
Nguyen Xuan Trung: 0932.283.884
Nguyen Van Hiep: 0974.351.234